hi from munich

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hi from munich

Postby lefty » Sun Feb 11, 2007 7:09 pm

Hi everyone,
just wanted to drop by to say hello from Munich


We are having a good time here, went to munich zoo yesterday and the weather was just right. Today we went to the city centre and just had to try out the hofbräuhaus for a maß beer.

anyway, talk to ya soon
lefty aka The Heikze! :eyebrowe:

Heiko Carstens

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Postby tigs » Sun Feb 11, 2007 7:21 pm

...and hello from me!!  :party5:

Planned the trip well so far and spent yesterday with blue sky and sunny weather at the zoo - they have a great variety of the big cats there and we watched the tigers, the lions and the jaguars being fed - the lions are HUGE!!! Never seen lions so big before!! Also saw wild dog, loads of them in different areas1 There was a fat cheetah and two snowleopard! It was a great day!

Today we arrived in the city centre just at the right time to see a carnival go past!!! lots of photos from there! ...and then it started to rain so we headed to a cafe and indulged in chocolate cake and hot choc mmmmm!! Then took a city tour bus....

after that well of course I also had a Maß beer too  :yippie2:  :cheer:

Anyway, see ya soon... back on Tues!

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